Imam sadIiq: IF I Percieve his time I will serve him in all of my life days



The author of Jawahir said: there is another common Istikharah among the people of our time. Perhaps it was attributed to our master Al-Qa'im may our souls be sacrifice for him, as follows:

To grasp the chaplet after reciting the supplication and start dropping it eight one after the other, at the end if the chaplet remain one, the issue is good, if it remain two, it is one abstinence from the issue, if it remains three, you have the option whether to do it or to leave it, if it remain four, it is abstinence twice from the issue, if it remains five, there shall be difficulty on the process, if it remains six, it is good to go ahead and it also necessitate quick action, if it remains seven, it is like if it remains five and if it remains eight, it is abstinence from the issue four times.[1]

[1]- Al-Baqiyati Ssalihat i.e the margin of Mafatihul Janaan: 411.


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