Imam sadIiq: IF I Percieve his time I will serve him in all of my life days

اللَّهُمَّ کُنْ لِوَلِیِّکَ الحُجَةِ بنِ الحَسَن، صَلَواتُکَ علَیهِ و عَلی آبائِهِ، فِی هَذِهِ السَّاعَةِ وَ فِی کُلِّ سَاعَةٍ، وَلِیّاً وَ حَافِظاً وَ قَائِداً وَ نَاصِراً وَ دَلِیلًا وَ عَیْناً، حَتَّى تُسْکِنَهُ أَرْضَکَ طَوْعاً وَ تُمَتعَهُ فِیهَا طَوِیلا
What is our responsibilities in the context of prayers for the hasty reappearance of Imam Zamana (May Allah hastened his reappearance)?
Whether the narration in which it is mentioned that Imam Zamana will be martyred by a woman is correct or not?
Do the vicegerency of the Prophet’s household has the authority upon the humans only or do they have the authority upon all the creation?
If the vicegerency of the Household of the Holy Prophet (AS) was offered when whatever had been created had the intellect, how can we say that the authority of the Aal-Allah is upon all the possible creation and being?
Is it true that in Tay al-Ardh, the objectivity is separated so that the Tay al-Ardh can take place?
To fulfil my wish, I have strived very hard and even performed Lenten however my wish was not fulfilled, what should I do?
State on of the most important obligations for the Shias in the time of Occultation?
Describe one of the intresting facts about the usurpation of the khilafat by the Sheikhain.
Since when Hazrat Abu Talib had faith in the Prophet Hood of Mohammad (SAWW)?
What does “بحجابک الرومي” means in the other Dua e Ahad
What are the positive effects of severe problems?
Does («اللهم صلّ علی محمّد حجّتک فی أرضک») in the Ziyarat e Aal e Ya’seen refers to the holy Prophet Mohammad (saww) of Imam Zamana (ATFS)?
Does the prayer for the hasty reappearance of Imam Zamana (ATFS) contradicts with this sentence ((وصبّرنی علی ذلک حتی لا احبّ تعجیل ما اخّرت ولا تأخیر ما عجّلت)) in the prayer of occultation?
Does not the command of praying for the hasty reappearance of Imam (ATFS) contradicts with his own narration («وأما ظهور الفرج فإنّه إلی الله»)?
At the time of reappearance of Imam Zamana (ATFS), will there be no tyrants and tyranny and oppression?
Islamic calendar
Month Sha‘ban 1445
2 Sha‘ban
1-Beginning Battle of Banee Mustalegh. 2-Death of Mo’taz Abbasi (L.A.), who killed Imam Hadi, 255 A.H 3-Death of Fazl bin Sahl in the public bathroom by the orders of M’amoon Abbasi (L.A.), 202 A.H
3 Sha‘ban
1-Birth of Imam Hosein (AS) (3 A.H) 2-Arriving Imam Hosein (AS) in Mecca
4 Sha‘ban
1-Birth of Abulfazl Abbas (AS) , the son of Imam Ali (AS) (26 A.H)
5 Sha‘ban
1-Birth of Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) (38 A.H)
10 Sha‘ban
1-Letter of Imam Zaman (may our lives be sacrificed) to Ali bin Mohammad Samari, his fourth deputy, about his death
11 Sha‘ban
1-Birth of Hazrat Ali Akbar , the son of Imam Hosein (AS) (33 A.H)
14 Sha‘ban
1-Birth of Qasem Ibn Hassan (AS)
15 Sha‘ban
1-Birth of Hazrat Mahdi ( God makes haste his relief ) (255 A.H) 2-Death of Shaikh Ali Ibn Mohammed Samary ( The fourth deputy of Hazrat Mahdi ( God makes haste his relief ) ) ( 329 A.H) 3-End of minor occultation of Imam Zaman (may our lives be sacrificed on him) with the heavenly abode of his fourth deputy Samari, 328 or 329 A.H
18 Sha‘ban
1-Birth of Hazrat Roghaya (SA) 2-Heavenly abode of Imam Zaman’s (may our lives be sacrificed on him) third deputy, Husain bin Rauh Naubakhti, 326 A.H
19 Sha‘ban
1-Battle of Banee Mustalagh (6 A.H)
25 Sha‘ban
1-Death of Abu Muslim Khurasani
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