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1 . Excellence of the Kufa Mosque

1 . Excellence of the Kufa Mosque

(And regarding the Musalla of his holiness (a.s.) in this mosque in the era of Arrival)

The Kufa mosque is one of those four mosques towards which we have been commanded to travel, wherein we have been ordered to stay and honor them.

            Those four mosques are name Masjid ul Haram (Mecca), the Holy Prophet’s Mosque (in Medina), the Aqsa Mosque (in Bait ul Muqaddas) and the Kufa Mosque.

            The Kufa Mosque is one of those four places where a traveler has been permitted to offer his four units of prayers either in the complete manner or in the shortened manner. Those places are namely Masjid ul Haram, the Holy Prophet’s Mosque, the Shrine of Imam Husain (a.s.) and the Kufa Mosque.

            This mosque was the place of worship for the prophets and their successors, and will soon be the place of worship for our beloved Imam Mahdi (a.s.).

            It has arrived in a narration that thousand prophets and thousand successors of prophets have offered their prayers in this mosque.[1]

            The rituals of this mosque are excessive in numbers. The honorable Syed Ali bn Ta’oos has mentioned them in his book ‘Misbahuz Zaaer’. We will refrain from mentioning them here again as it might result in the expansion of this discussion.


[1] Miftah ul Jannaat:410/1


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