Imam sadIiq: IF I Percieve his time I will serve him in all of my life days


At the end of his book ‘Minhaj us Salah’, Allama Hilli (R.A.) writes about the supplication of Abaraat:

            This is a famous supplication that has been narrated from Imam Sadiq (A.S.). Sayyid Razi ud Deen Mohammad bin Mohammad bin Mohammad al-Aavi (R.A.) narrates a famous incident regarding this supplication, which is mentioned by one of the scholars in the footnotes of this supplication:

            Fakhrud Deen Mohammad bin Sheikh Jamal ud Deen narrates from his honorable father, who narrates from his grandfather Yusuf, who was a jurisprudent, who narrates form the same Razi ud Deen that he said:

            He was captured for a long period of time in the prison of one of the commanders of Sultan Jarmaghoon, and was living in extreme sufferings and hardships. Then one night, he witnessed the successor of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.), i.e. Imam Mahdi (A.S.), in his dream and requested before him with tears: O’ my Master! Intercede in the Holy Threshold of Allah for my deliverance from the hands of this tyrant.

            His holiness said: Recite the supplication of Abaraat.

            He asked: What is the supplication of Abaraat?

            He said: It is there in your book ‘Misbah’.

            I asked: O’ my Master! It is not written in my book ‘Misbah’.

            He said: Have a look in the book, you will find it.

He woke up from his sleep and offered the Morning Prayer. Then he opened his book ‘Misbah’ and found that between the pages of the book, a page has been placed on which the supplication of Abaraat has been written; he recited the supplication forty times.

            The Commander had two wives. One of them was intelligent and had a nice perspective about the affairs, and this wife herself was reliable in the eyes of the commander.

            The Commander went to her on her day. She told him: Have you captured one of the sons of Imam Ali (A.S.) in your prison?

            He asked: Why do you ask such a question?

            She said: I saw a man whose face illuminated like the sunlight, he caught my neck with two fingers and said: I see that your husband has imprisoned one of my sons, and makes him suffer for food and water?

            I asked: Who are you, O’ my Master?

            He said: I am Ali bin Abi Talib (A.S.). Tell your husband that if he doesn’t release my son, I will surely ruin his house.

            This dream had an immense effect on the ruler, he said: I am unaware of this case; then he called for his representatives and asked: Have you imprisoned anyone?

            They said: That Alavi old man whose imprisonment you had ordered.

            He said: Release him and give him a horse for a ride and also guide him through the way so that he returns to his house. (End of the incident)

Ali bin Taoos (R.A.) writes at the end of his book ‘Muhaj ud Da’waat’: One among those incidents is the astonishing incident narrated to me by my dear friend, Mohammad bin Mohammad bin Qazi al-Aavi (May Allah exceed his good fortune and give him the best fate). 

The incident was as follows:

            An accident occurred in his life, as a result of which he found this supplication written on a few papers and placed in his book (whereas he hadn’t placed those papers in his book). He copied from those pages and after rewriting, he lost the original copy.

            In the continuation, he wrote this supplication and mentioned that there is another manuscript narrated from a different way, whose text differs from this manuscript.[1]

[1] Jannatul Ma’wa : p. 221


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